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Logo design solutions for business

Different Type of Logos: Which One is Right for Your Business?

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Logo design solutions for business

With a unique background in marketing business skills and creative skills. We bring both an aesthetic design focus as well as a practical, quantitative mindset that adds value to the service offerings by creating solutions that have both creative elements combined with rational, business ideas.

1. Text Only Logos

If you are looking for a designer that is experienced and creative. We offer Logo design for all types of businesses. If you need help finding the logo that suits your business, contact our specialist.

2. Text & Icon Logos

We specialize in business branding that showcases your business in the in the most creative way. If you are looking to re-brand your business to bring out its full potential, contact us.

3. Icon Only

If you are looking for an experienced and creative website designer? Then, you are at the right place. If you need help with content writing about your business? Contact our specialist.

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Logo Design


Looking for a creative logo that showcase your business personality. Let us create the ideal logo for your business.

Logo design tailored to your business personality. If you are not sure what type you need? Not to worry, contact us and a design specialist will working with your idea.

Types of



The text-only treatment hinges on the name of the company. It’s more common for companies with short names to opt for a wordmark logo design (one word or hyphenated/combination names are ideal).​


If your company’s name isn’t short, you’ll want to explore a monogram (or lettermark) logo or logo variation.


A wordmark or lettermark with a symbol (often called a logomark) is what makes up a combination logo. It’s the most common type of logo design, in part due to its flexibility. You can use the symbol on its own (e.g. in social media profile photos or favicons), or just the wordmark or lettermark when you need it.


Do you have a blurry logo? We offer recreation services.

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Experience Matters

I absolutely recommend Jo for all your design needs. She was so easy to talk to and she worked with me to get my business idea completed I have gotten so many compliments for my logo and business cards. She will go above and beyond for you. Thanks, Jo!
Joseph, CEO
Green Ocean Healthcare
JNCM designed my website and she went above and beyond. My site was done so fast. If you are looking for a full-service company that won't leave you to figure things out on your own, then you are at the right place. Jo will get it done. Recommended 100%
Tulio, CEO
Total Optical Supplies

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